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Top Places To Visit

Go through time and discover the cultural heart of Dubai, exploring a different side of the city. From musuems, souqs, art galleries and the best places to get traditional dishes, read on to find out our top tips.
VOX - Day
Dining at VOX
- Enjoy popcorn and house bevvies!

Vox Cinemas Outdoor

Experience movies at the first licensed OUTDOOR cinema in the heart of Dubai at VOX Cinemas Aloft, City Centre Deira. Watch the latest movies under the starry skies during winters and enjoy a cool and cozy ambience in the summer. Kick back in a lounge-style setting and indulge in gourmet cinema snacks served directly to your seat. VOX Cinemas OUTDOOR at Aloft Hotel, City Centre Deira - where city skyline meets cinema. For more information or to book, visit or the VOX app.
Play at CCD
Shop at CCD
- Shop till you drop.

City Centre Deira

City Centre Deira mall holds over 371 retail stores combining international and local stores and dining outlets. It also includes entertainment facilities such as Magic Planet, one of the region's most popular indoor family entertainment centres and VOX Cinemas, a 20-screen cinema multiplex with 3,000 seats with different theater categories.

The mall is linked to Aloft hotel providing many options for our in-house guests to shop, dine and play.
Shop Like A Local
Shop Like A Local
- Get Cultured

Abras and Museums

Being a traveler means learning about destination you travel to. Dubai happens to reserve most of its traditions in all corners of Deira.

Deira "Arabic word short for home", or Old Dubai, is where it all started in Dubai. Holding the first sea port, Port Rashid, which connects Dubai to the world, was and still considered a commercial district in Dubai. This port is also considered a gate to crossing cultures between Asia, Africa, and the Middle East with Dubai, influencing the Emirati lifestyle and architecture.

Deira constitutes of multiple museums which showcases folklore, traditional clothing, housing, and more through wax figures and art. A fun way to get to experience Emirati culture is by visiting "Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding". A tour guide is available to talk about Emirati traditions while walking around old Emirati Houses in Al Fahidi Historical District. you can also have an actual Emirati meal with the tour guide while explaining Emirati history and customs.

Another way to experience Emirati culture is sailing through Dubai Creek by "Abra", a long boat made out of wood, used to ferry people across the Dubai Creek where fishermen and pearl divers use to get their goods of the day.
Dine Emirati
Dine Emirati
- Emirati Street Food

Dine Local

Arabic coffee is at the heart of Emirati culture and present at every gathering. Learn the technique, hear the stories and sample the flavourful coffee at the Coffee Museum located in the Al Fahidi Historical District.

Camel milk has been consumed by the Bedouins for many years, even used as sun protection. Very nutrious, it is considered a meal on its own. Camel milk is also used in cosmetics and soaps. You can pick it up in the mall.

The Emirati donut, a very moreish sweet treat. Small dough balls with hints of cardamom and saffron, drizzled with date syrup or honey. They are a delightful end to a meal. Pick some freshly baked deights in the souqs.
Majlis Gallery
Modern Chinese
- Get Artsy

Art in Deira

A jewel in the Dubai art scene, located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Supporting emerging artists and designers, the building hosts a exhibition area, creativity corner, book quarter, fashion area and cafe.
Created by a group of 8 street artists. the gigantic illustrations are a mix of 3D art, freestyle and traditional pieces. There are 24 murals on the side of 12 apartment buildings and shops adding a splash of color to the streets.
Urban Cool on the Creek Meet & Mingle
Cafe dine in and grab
- Shop like a Local

Souqs of Deira

Get a taste of Dubai through the bustling souqs (i.e Arabic for markets) of Deira. Your senses will for sure get enticed at the smell of Indian spices, feel of Pakistani kashmir and and shinning array of gold . Only minutes away from the hotel, introduce yourself to the culture noise of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Home to the largest and heaviest gold ring in the world, referred to as 'Najmat Taiba" or 'Star of Taiba' and estimated to cost $3million. Located in Deira, the souq has more then 370 stores dislaying a range of gold and gems.

Spice is an important part of local cuisine and a variety of spices and herbs can be found in the souq such as saffron, tumeric and rose water. Wandering through the stalls is a pleasant way to pass an evening.

A magical place that displays a vibrant, colourful array of fabric rolls and folds. You will also find many accessories to help you ad a touch of Arabian flair to your collection.
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